Testimonials for Bay Area School Choice

“My son’s birthday is August 28th, three days before the kindergarten cut off. My husband and I faced the difficult decision of whether to enroll him in kindergarten or give him another year of preschool. We sought the advice of my son’s teachers and outside resources. We knew Laura would be an excellent person to talk to because of her experience working as a teacher and in admissions.  


Laura helped us understand details, like what makes a child kindergarten ready, but more importantly she was able to help me step back from all the minutiae and see the big picture. Laura’s decisive, kind and non-judgmental manner makes her an effective school placement adviser. Her advice and guidance resonated with us, and we were able to make this important decision with confidence.” 


- A parent from Greenbrae, CA

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Bay Area School Choice provides private school placement, public school placement and relocation services for families with children in preschool, kindergarten, primary school or high school. Located in Marin County, education consultant Laura Shapiro serves families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area