Making the Perfect Choice

As a parent who wants to make the right school choice for your child, you may be overwhelmed by options. You may be wondering which schools have an environment where your child will thrive. Do the teachers really have expertise in the subjects your child loves? What about class size? 


Laura Shapiro can help you find the best school fit for your child and guide you through the admissions process. As your private or public school placement consultant, she’ll start with your ideal education scenario. She’ll review your child’s academic and extracurricular records, talk with your child and then suggest the most appropriate academic options.  


If you seek a private school, Laura will help you fill out the school applications, parent statements and student statements. She’ll also offer interview tips and even perform mock interviews so that you have the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. 


Here’s just one example of a family that Laura has helped: 


A family with a ten-year-old daughter was moving to Marin County from the UK, and they wanted their daughter to attend public school. They sought Laura’s public school placement help to narrow their choice of neighborhoods so that they would be near an excellent school. Although their daughter was very bright and was the right age for 4th grade, the school district they chose believed that their daughter should actually be in the 3rd grade, due to the differences between UK and US curriculum. Laura intervened with the school district on the parents’ behalf. Because they worked with Laura, the parents found an excellent public school for their daughter, and she was placed appropriately in the 4th grade.


To learn more about how educational consultant Laura Shapiro and Bay Area School Choice can help you find a school your child will absolutely love, please call: (415) 944-7072 or laura@bayareaschoolchoice.com

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