For Families Relocating to the Bay Area

Many families relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area choose their city and neighborhood based on the quality of the private or public schools nearby. If your family is moving to the Bay Area, finding the right school for your child can be a daunting task. Many families don’t know, for instance, that San Francisco public school students aren't automatically assigned to the school located closest to their home. Or, that some Marin County private schools have space available even after the application process has closed. Or, that in the Peninsula, registration for public schools requires extensive documentation. 


If you are relocating to the Bay Area, relocation educational consultant Laura Shapiro of Bay Area School Choice can help you understand your options. She has helped numerous families navigate the school systems in Marin, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. Laura provides private and public school search and placement for students entering kindergarten, grade school, middle school and high school. 


Here’s just one example of a relocating family that Laura has helped: 


A family with two young sons, one in the 2nd grade and another in the 4th, was relocating to Los Gatos. They wanted to find an exceptional private school that had space for both sons, and they sought Laura’s help. Laura listened to the family’s specific needs, and located three private schools in the area that had space. She helped the parents fill out the applications and coached them through the interview process. Both boys were accepted and are doing well in their new environment.


To learn more about how educational consultant Laura Shapiro and Bay Area School Choice can help you find a school your child will absolutely love, please call: (415) 944-7072 or laura@bayareaschoolchoice.com

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Bay Area School Choice provides private school placement, public school placement and relocation services for families with children in preschool, kindergarten, primary school or high school. Located in Marin County, education consultant Laura Shapiro serves families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area